Violetta ZironiMelodies, adventures and dreams
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Violetta Zironi is an Italian born and raised singer songwriter and actress.
In January 2022, after a decade long independent career,
and multiple movies shoots (including trending Netflix original "Rose Island")
she dove into the world of music NFTs and
has successfully dropped 3 collections based on 3 music EPs:
Handmade Songs, Moonshot and Another Life,
which have generated a total of 425 ETH in secondary volume.

Violetta's NFT collections have been charting
on the Billboard music NFT top 10 ever since its launch, in July 2022,
making her the only singer songwriter in web3
to chart on Billboard for 10 consecutive months.
Latest News

Join Violetta and Emma Miller for an exclusive speakeasy showcase in NYC.
RSVP required - open Discord ticket for link.
Limited spots.
Moonshot/Another Life holders will be prioritized.

Official music NFT player is here: Parrot Radio

You can now comfortably listen to all of Violetta's NFTs that you own from a single app.

Parrot Radio is a web3 music player for all your audio and audiovisual NFTs.

It is also a gallery for your image and gif based NFTs.

Collectors can now listen to their audiovisual NFTs like never before, away from their PC, mobile, wherever they want to be.

Parrot Radio brings a new dimension to Violetta's collectors and fans.

Available for Apple and Android.

Heavenly Angels - On Sound XYZ

"Heavenly Angels," a song I composed in 2018, continues to resonate with me years later. Inspired by the beauty of Michelangelo's frescoes in the Vatican, the song explores themes of compassion, redemption, and forgiveness.
A perfect version has been captured recently, reflecting the song's essence.

Limited to 25 editions with music, it sold out in 1 minute.

A black and white version of the artwork, without music, is available forever for $1.

You can purchase the NFT on the secondary market at Violetta's NFT marketplace.

The song is a collaboration with my friend Ed Prosek, and the artwork is created by my father, Giuseppe Zironi, known for his work on Disney comics.

Another Life Vinyl
For sale or for free with the NFT

The Another Life album finally comes in its best form: vinyl.
Recorded on tape, vinyl is the ideal way to listen to this record.

The vinyl is available to the general public for purchase or can be claimed for a discount or for free by the holders of certain NFTs.

Purchase the official Another Life vinyl here.

The following holders get benefits, and can claim them here:
Moonshot NFT collection: ruby, silver, gold frame (can claim for free)
Another Life NFT collection: gold frame (can claim for free), ruby frame (25% discount), silver frame (50% discount)
10 YEARS - The first music & visuals inscription on Bitcoin Ordinal in history


Making history again, Violetta has inscribed her first song on Bitcoin Ordinals.
Not only is this her first song, but it is also the first song & visuals file ever inscribed on the golden blockchain.

Inscribed directly on-chain, this piece encapsulates Violetta's first decade as an independent artist, a significant milestone that will be immutably preserved on Bitcoin.

The piece is inscribed on an early Uncommon satoshi, mined May 26th 2013, the exact day Violetta's life changed forever and she started her career.
The song was written exactly 10 years later, and paired with Violetta's dad's artwork, who was present on that momentous day a decade earlier.

VIEW ON ord.io
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